Resident Charters

  Resident Charters

At Heightside House, we place the rights and well-being of our residents at the centre of everything we do and seek to promote these rights in all aspects of the service and environment.  We place the engagement of all residents as a priority and commit to acting on that engagement with regards to Food, Sleep and Activities. 

  Food Charter

We believe that enjoying good food in a nice environment is an important part of everyday living and that mealtimes represent an important social occasion. 

Food is presented in a manner that is attractive and appealing and all food is cooked, prepared, and served to high standards.

We aim to ensure that every resident has a varied and nutritious diet that provides for all their dietary needs and offers health, choice, and pleasure. 

As a part of the dining experience, residents have chosen murals for the walls along with table decorations.

Menus are developed in conjunction with the resident Food Group during their monthly meetings when both nominated members and any interested residents are invited to attend.  

The kitchen operates a responsive real-time feedback system from residents with the Chef or other representative of the kitchen attending each mealtime.

Menus will always offer a choice of food and residents are asked which choice they would prefer at every meal.

Individual food preferences as well as cultural, religious or health needs are taken into account during menu planning. 

  Sleep Charter

It is our belief that sleep is an extremely important element of our holistic approach to wellbeing.  We want to ensure that every resident at Heightside House is comfortable in bed and able to enjoy as good a night’s sleep as possible.

Our Housekeeper discusses with each resident their preferences around choice of bedding including type of pillow, sheets and choice of either blankets or duvet and a stock is maintained of different pillows, blankets, and duvets to facilitate this choice.

These choices are regularly reviewed with each resident to ensure they remain current and changes are made where appropriate.

 Activities Charter

Activity, occupation and socialisation are extremely important aspects of wellbeing and personhood.  We want to ensure that every resident at Heightside House can access a comprehensive and stimulating range of activities.  

As part of our commitment to achieve this, our Activity Lead and her team regularly meet with the residents to discuss their interests and wishes.

Weekly Resident Activity meetings are held to discuss both past and future week’s activities with feedback incorporated into future activity plans.

Residents are supported to develop living skills, including cooking courses in our rehabilitation kitchen, and access the local community and other external activity.



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