Those We Can Assist

    A Unique Service for Adults with Mental Health Issues

At Heightside, we work with adults of all ages and gender with complex mental health issues who require specialist nursing interventions and support to live and indeed thrive within a community setting.

Our focus is to ensure that our residents are able to aim for and achieve their desired positive goals be it better management of their mental health, engaging positively with the community around them, preparing for independent living or maintaining the progress made following intensive hospital-based interventions.

We achieve this through being person centred in all our actions, being respectful and understanding of the difficulties a person is going through whilst assisting the person to acknowledge their own role in managing their difficulties for their safety and the safety of others.

All interventions are evidence based within a holistic therapeutic care plan which acknowledges the major role of being in a safe environment where contact with nature assists the healing process, an aspect of care that has been central to our philosophy for over thirty years and which is gaining more recognition in mainstream healthcare.

We focus our success on what the person feels is relevant to them as well as on standardised evidence-based outcome measures.

We focus on assisting the individual in their rehabilitation process with the goal of achieving the highest level of independence possible.

Admission to Heightside House is subject to an in-depth pre-admission assessment of the person in conjunction with their current care providers, care coordinator and commissioner.

Placement is only offered following discussion as to suitability of placement, identification of most appropriate service within Heightside, as well as compatibility with current resident population.

On admission, we work with the person to develop their aims and goals for the admission as well as taking into account those previously agreed with the commissioning team and care coordinator.

Individuals will have a personalised plan of activities with a major emphasis on being occupied, with the opportunity to join therapeutic groups as well as one to one sessions. The extensive grounds and high levels of general support assist individuals to work through their issues, ensuring there is the possibility of learning from every event, positive or negative. Goals and objectives are reviewed through named nurse and key worker sessions. All care is reviewed as part of the care planning review, which is always a time to take stock and identify goals for the following period.

The services have been developed in a way that allows for the person to be accommodated in one of the diverse and distinct services all located within the umbrella of the extensive mature grounds at Heightside.  The decision on which service is most appropriate is taken in full consultation with the resident along with their commissioners and care coordinators.


Those We Can Assist

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