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Heightside is a specialist sixty-eight bedded mental health rehabilitation facility, registered with the Care Quality Commission, for adults, over the age of eighteen years, with mental health issues.

Heightside is set within seventeen acres of natural woodland where individuals have access to specialist nursing interventions, supported by an experienced and motivated multidisciplinary team who provide the team through training programmes targeted to meet identified training needs depending on the resident group; as well as the option of direct work with individuals if requested by the commissioning team.

The property is divided into separate areas with emphasis on providing different types of support, dependant on the needs of the individual and what stage of recovery they are at.

  The House

The House is there to support individuals, generally with associated physical health conditions, to enhance their quality of life and engage in activities designed to ameliorate their mental health issues. It is likely that individuals living in The House present with long standing issues where it is likely that they will require specialist nursing support to maintain their mental wellbeing with limited potential for further rehabilitation. 

  Close Care

Close Care is the unit with the highest staffing where the person has the opportunity to work with staff at the home as well as the external MDT in managing his mental health issues which may be causing concern both for their safety and the safety of others.

  Wood Villas & The Mews

If appropriate, the individual can then progress through the rehabilitation pathway through to Wood Villas where there is an expectation of increased responsibility and independence, then moving to The Mews where the opportunity of having their own personal space within a bungalow or apartment whilst still accessing support on site is available.  For some, with ongoing complex needs, this semi-independent living within a protected environment with full staff support is a realistic long term goal.

  The Gate House

For those on a full rehabilitation pathway, the next stage is either discharge to independent living, or a further period within The Gate House where the individual is able to share accommodation in a house in the community whilst still being able to access support from the team as necessary.


Who We Are

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